Broken Field Runner – Clear a Heaven so this Earth can breath- Music Review

Broken Field Runner Clear a heaven so this earth can breath Black Numbers facebook.com/brokenfieldrunner Emotional without sounding overwrought. That’s not easy to do. Comes off like a bridge between Jimmy Eat World’s “bleed American” and “Futures” albums. Back in the days when Jimmy Eat World was relevant. By the way, why the hell are they re-releasing Bleed American and Futures on Vinyl? Besides money. “Each Evening” is a nice emotional note and further proof that this band can play a nice emotional song without over laying it. “Clear a Heaven” seems to be about the financial collapse in the late 2000’s, the advantage taken by some people. Those who don’t seem to have a problem taking advantage of those weaker than them. Or maybe it’s just about being good. I always read too much into stuff. “I’m in a bad way”, careful there fellas you’re running out of the field of play to the warning track before the fence. Tracking closely into power pop friendly deep center field. Any closer to the fence and it’s time to put a UK after your name. By the way, “Peace of Feelings” is your single. It’s got all of the strengths of the band in it, well sang lead vocals, good harmonies, and a bit of foreboding and longing. Plus a floor to the edge of the cliff ending. Here is the song that defines BFR, you don’t like this? Then you’re not going to like this LP. I took a different approach to the third time I listened to this release. I listened to the last four songs. Yeah, “Peace of Feelings” is definitely the single here. When something like this is so easy to digest I worry that people will decide it’s fate before every realizing that not everything is roughage or Naked Lunch. That there are those shiny objects in life that are okay to posses and enjoy. “Clear a Heaven” calls to mind an acoustic, quieter moment with the Old 97’s. *This review was written through dictation, with Brad yelling through the toilet door to his assistant. Some of the words may not make sense, but then again neither does Brad. We hope you like reading words. Thank you and goodnight. brad@fatrobotradio.com...

Falloch – This Island, Our Funeral – Music Review

Falloch This island, our funeral Candlelight Records Facebook.com/falloch Heavy rock music with metal underpinnings. More queen than Morbid Angel, but with a solid metal frame work to hold the thing together. I think if you like GHOST, you’ll enjoy this release. While they may not be in the same family, it’s almost like a cousin who spent three weeks in the summer every year. The songs are long. Five to seven or eight minutes but they are interesting with different sounds and ideas. Enough of them to keep you listening the whole time. Some mild stone tones , but I wouldn’t call this stoner rock. People who like sand ( I can’t make out this word) rock will likely enjoy this too. Case in point last song is over in 11 minutes. There is space, not space rock. I mean there is room to breathe in these songs. Space to think. It works. This band is good at creating those spaces, using them for separation, not to gear up for another gut punch, but to let it soak in. This release is a bit long. The songs are longer, but don’t let that scare you off. I would be hesitant to call this space rock or sludge rock. Especially when there are few cosmic or muddy vibes floating around. However, there is a loose, ambling gait to this pot soaked wind caked stranger. Just don’t tell him he’s the cosmic cowboy. This album plays out like a soundtrack to a post apocalyptic Cowboy movie. The songs,atmospheres and feelings that accompany his travels in a barren, nuclear waste land. He feelings of revenge and repentance, but also of survival and instinct. That even if he does get revenge, he will continue to keep moving because he has no other choice. His revenge is not an end to a means but another diversion from the truth. That truth being, just survive. *This review was written by Brad Bugos. He’s not sure where he first heard the term, “Honey Ham” but he likes it. Check out this band on the podcast and if you like the review, or it at least peaked your interest, then click the link to their Facebook page and find out more about them. Thanks...

SLTM (the podcast) Episode 240

This episode features the timeless tunes of a local legend, a former diary farmer turned yak hurdler who made it big playing the keytar. I am, of course speaking of Mel Higgins, Mr. Longfingers himself. Now, some of you might be saying “Brad, why would you have on a has ben who’s been out of the spotlight for these last fifteen years? Why? Why you ask? because I ran out of things to say and I just happened to bump into Mel at the meat market. So I figured, what the hell, I need to kill about ten minutes on this stupid podcast. So enjoy, and if you don’t like keytar, then please drop dead. MUSIC ON SLTM (THE PODCAST) EPISODE 240: Roger Harvey Fulgora Johnny Indovina Where my bones rest easy MORE LINKS FOR THINGS MENTIONED ON EPISODE 240: Johnny Indovina on Facebook Housecore Records Everyone Dies in Utah Everyone Dies in Utah Facebook Fucko Bandcamp Sltm episode 240 [ 38:05 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 239

And yet the seasons continue to change. Really, we ask, what’s the difference when everything just blurs into nothingness? Can death really be all that different then this boring life? Can death be as complicated and yet dull at the same time? Who knows. Hey it’s another SLTM (The Podcast) MUSIC ON EPISODE 239: We Were Sharks Falloch Banquets Gust OTHER LINKS: Gust Merchandise Panic State Records Southern Lord Rise Records We Were Giants SLTM (The podcast) Episode 239 [ 31:49 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 238

Episode 238 “I’ve got the balls to make the whole world sing” Topic: we discuss the origin and use of the phrase “Built like a brick shithouse” MUSIC ON EPISODE 238 Broken Field Runner Omnilhity State Song Fallujah Other Links: Unique Leader Phratry Records Great Collapse/Threats Split EP “Everything melts Eventually” Split SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 238 [ 35:51 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Wild Moth- Inhibitor- Music Review

Wild Moth Inhibitor ironpier They sound like a 1980’s english rock band, but with better production. Joy division or a bit harder less poppy Jam. This release calls to mind those power pop/rock bands from the 90’s I enjouyed. Like Fig Dish, Triple Fast Action, Urge Overkill or Frete Blanket. Quick. Not that the songs are short but it was over before I knew the last song had played. I waited for a minute, then realized it was over. If you handed this to me and told me that you found this record in a bunch of LP’s from rock bands of the 1990’s , I would say “Yeah I believe that. I see the simlilarities”. I dig that driving rock beat. Not to say it sounds dated, because it doesn’t. It takes me back to the mid 1990’s when I started my zine. I would hear new music and get excited about it. Not like now, being the bitter old fuck that I am. I like a band to err on the side of driving rock. Dual vocals are well done, sometimes bands mix them weird. This is well done, one of the vocals is a bit back in the mix, giving it some depth and range. Even when they slow down the vehicle to scan the scenery from their car window, this band is driving. Finding interesting things at all speeds, things to share, report or pretend to be. *This review was written by Brad Bugos. He’s a delusional weirdo who thinks everyone loves him and that they can’t wait to be his friend.What a dip. Thanks for reading this review, check out Wild Moth on Episode 237 of SLTM (The...

SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 237

The Great Thing about me is…. SLTM (The Podcast) Episode 237 As we ramble on into our tenth year of podcasting, mostly with an audience of one, we look back at what got us here. Mostly Brad’s unwilling stupidity to quit recording a podcast that no one cares about or has listened to. It’s a sickness really, one that will probably go on into his golden years, when podcasting will enter into it’s second or third rebirth. Sad we know. Still, you can say you ignored it back when. Enjoy MUSIC ON EPISODE 237: Blodhemn Kindling Die Choking Wild Moth Other Links of things discussed: Courage Dear Heart Our Theory “You found out” on Substream Magazine “Shallowed be thy Name” Stream Blodhemn main site No Idea Records Store SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 237 [ 28:48 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

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