SLTM – The Podcast- Episode 204

One more to go then the big cheese gets his. And I mean right in the guts. MUSIC ON SLTM (THE PODCAST) EPISODE 204: Living Room Black Anvil La Armada T.O.M.B. Muscle & Bone Other Links: Helen Earth Sun Dials Jazz June Free Living Room DL “Dream Journal” EP sltm (the podcast) episode 204 [ 37:53 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Dead – Idiots – Music Review

Dead – Idiots – Music Review Dead Idiots deadsounds.com I do realize that with any review, and mine hits that mark as well, that they are basically speaking to the converted masses. Which is really a shame, but the overall truth, especially with the internet and sharing, people reading reviews are the people who already know of the band. It seems to me , we are just affirming their feelings or building their protective border around the band with our criticism. It’s too bad it has to be that way. How can you find new bands or bands that don’t get any mentions if you don’t read about music that you don’t know? Truly a sad commentary on the state of music, and sadly about how the internet (I believe) has pushed us further into our own secluded corners and not expanded the world out to us like we had hoped. And yet, a lonely idiot in Illinois continues to describe music that he finds worth your time and effort. Here is another case of a band that you should really give some time too, a band you will find at the very least interesting and different than what you hear on a daily basis. Dead is metal, growling, spitting , teeth nashing, ripping metal. However, it’s what’s in those between spaces of metal vocals and face punching metal riffs that make this worth your time. Oh, and speaking of your time, you and I know that surfing porn, beating your bologna and checking facebook only takes up four or five minutes of your day. So, after that is done, check out some good metal/rock music. I like the rolling guitar/bass in “Bed Bugs” and the Lee Ving type lead vocals, what an interesting way to jog down that alley, it’s full of broken glass and pimps but goddamn if it isn’t a fun, breath grabbing jaunt to the end. “Inherent the Wind” is a good song too, and coming after “Bed Bugs” it makes a nice contrast to that later song. This is metal, with a walking bit of bass flying down a slippery staircase with screamed vocals, agonizing painfully yelled words. Nice. If you like metal you are going to enjoy listening to this. If you are mildly interested in the mainstream of metal you should listen to this anyway, it’s something a bit different and it would give you a nice introduction into another aspect of the musical genre. Plus, listening to...

Episode 203 of SLTM (the Podcast)

Here’s an idea, go back and look at yourself from 8 years ago, hell even dig up photos and recordings of yourself from that time period. What do you see? That’s right, a incredibly creepy, weirdo in a tight suit who couldn’t get a ladies attention even if he threw a rock at her. Now, take a look at yourself today. What do you see? You’ve gained 25 pounds and you smell weird. Nice job, you’ve just wasted eight years of your life. Now you know how I feel. SLTM (the Podcast) Eight Years of bad smells and weird ideas. MUSIC ON SLTM (THE PODCAST) EPISODE 203 Hampshire Dead Brave Bird Dikembe Beneath Other Links We Empty Rooms Dead Web Site Save Your Generation Records Rise Records SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 203 [ 32:48 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 202

People all around the world are wondering what the hell happened to Pat. Finally we are able to reveal the story behind the final days of Death’s Dog Finger founder Pat Flish. It’s a sordid tale of hate, back stabbing and front stabbing, the likes of which you will never see (unless you read a book or see a movie). So strap in, and find out the what, where , why and I don’t know of Pat Flish. MUSIC ON SLTM (THE PODCAST) EPISODE 202: Rising World’s Strongest Man The Hunters Poison Idea Anette Olzon Other Links: All Music Listing for Poison Idea Anette Olzon Facebook Community Records Rising Facebook The Hunters Site SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 202 [ 29:30 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Austerity Program- Beyond Calculation- Music Review

Austerity Program- Beyond Calculation- Music Review Austerity Program Beyond Calculation Controlled Burn Records If you have ever found yourself wishing that Touch and Go Records still cranked out qaulity punk , hardcore and rock music, then maybe you need to keep your eyes on Controlled Burn Records. This is the second release on the label that I’m digging the hell out of , and one that makes me miss some of that old Chicago Hardcore/Punk rock. Not miss it in a way that I wish those bands still put out music, but in a bit of a nostalgic bent with a smile on my face knowing that someone has taken up the torch. Run with that torch Austerity Program, Nonagon and Controlled Burn, run, like a motherfucker. I don’t know how you don’t get into this, and the dude not dancing in the back of the room while the band is playing, cranking out their wad of industrial sized crack rock, needs to shove off or get down with it. There’s no avoiding that you are the sore thumb there buddy, get with the vibe and enjoy or go see Kajagoo goo down at the Staples Center. I don’t know if the song order is mixed up because of my computer or if that’s the way it plays out, but it doesn’t matter to me since all the songs seem to fit just fine and nothing seems to bump the other by being in the wrong order. “Song 33” is a favorite, love that fuzzed out slightly distorted bass laying out right there for all to hear, I can dig that vibe very much. I know no one really gives a shit if I review their album or not, I’m sure no one was waiting with baited breath for me to talk about their album. Good or otherwise. I believe I am getting jaded and bitter again. It’s that time of year for sure, but there are some things that are getting me down a bit, some of the same crap and some stuff with the podcasts I work very hard to put out. However, with that being stated without ever being asked, I have to say that the one thing that does keep me moving along and putting the pills down is the opportunity to hear and talk about music like this release. I’m not being blow hardy or ass kissy, all I am saying is that music is really what helps me out...

SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 201 – Eat Me Fred Sabbitch

This is the first episode in our fall run of five or six shows that we will post. You know the drill already if you have been here, listen to the show, its about 30 minutes long, then follow the links for the bands or artists you enjoyed and spread the word about new, different, older, slightly off, and enjoyable music you hear on SLTM (the Podcast). MUSIC ON EPISODE 201 OF SLTM (THE PODCAST): Rabbits Send Away Stranger Haymaker Viewfinder Final Conflict Other Links: Final Conflict on Facebook Haymaker Honeydips Color and The Sound Viewfinder Cassette Order Page SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 201 [ 35:43 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Che Guevara T-Shirt – White Fever – Music Review

Che Guevara T-Shirt – White Fever – Music Review Che Guevara T-Shirt White Fever Bandcamp Page Whereas my beloved Steel Pole Bathtub would take the wide, dingy, dirty spaces of the sewer to travel the highways and bi-ways of this land, Che Guevara seem content to take the dusty, dirty, smoke covered overpass through the dry desert on their journey. As if you haven’t guessed by now, every thing I write about filters through me, it’s the only thing I really have half a handle on. Sometimes not even that. Everything in my life, even when I’m taking out the trash or walking to work, I hear a song or a beat in my head. It’s a strange fuzzing of my brain, it’s way of trying to white out the droning noise it makes when it thinks. So songs will pop up again in my mind after listening to them, in certain situations, even in my piece meal, dirty bomb rubbish dreams. As these songs played in my dreams the other night, Tommy Craig, a high school friend of mine, and I were lying in a ditch, covered head to shoe in dirt and stale beer. I don’t know if we had crashed Tommie’s Camaro or if we’d been walking and ended up in the ditch. This album is floating into my dream, while my beer soaked, fuzzy headed partner and I try with everything to get up out of the ditch and figure where we are at. I’m in Tommie’s grandparents basement now, the weed is kicking in and my head is about to expand and evaporate when all the sudden Clark (another friend from high school) and I hear something coming from upstairs, “It’s got to be Tommy with the booze” Clark says, but we hear multiple people talking. Half way up the stairs we realize it’s Tommie’s brother, sister in law and mom checking on the house. We are trapped with now way out and this weed is really making me paranoid and creeped out. This is the way that I feel when I listen to this album, it brings back half baked random memories of things that happened with so much weird blotting and patchy psychosis, that I’m not sure that most of it was made up and maybe even the things that I have thought as true and real might in the end be something that my brain has made up to disorient and distract me from the real problems. It’s a gas...

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