SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 187 welcome back spit sink

This episode marks a nice run of about 10 to 15 shows we’ll do including our 8 year anniversary in May of 2014. We’ve been doing this show almost as long as we did the Zine, which overlapped a few months. We hope you’ve heard at least one show of this podcast and that at least one (and hopefully many) of the bands or artists on the show have become your new favorites. Enjoy another dazzling episode, we read a short story by Big Band in this one, show there’s another good reason to listen. MUSIC ON EPISODE 187 OF SLTM (THE PODCAST): Capeface Enabler Duke of Norfolk Tango in the Attic Beehoover US Christmas Other Links Tango in the Attic Sello Tape Video Direct Effect Sunburn LP SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 187 [ 46:17 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Black Birds Falling in Waves EP Music Review

Black Birds Falling in Waves EP Music Review Blackbirds Falling in Waves EP very laid back, dreamy pop music. Kind of lulls you into a bit of a dream like summer day, floating on a cloud like state of being. I’ve got stuff to do, but let’s just lay here in the middle of this dandelion strewn field and watch the clouds float by. “Fuck Mr. Jenkins and the Schmelski report” you’ll yell out, laying on your back with a warm breeze slipping by you while Blackbirds plays in the headphones you have slightly askew on your head. The second song “Minds” is a bit rocking. Nice to hear these boys bust out a bit with a touch of distant light thunder. While it’s only a couple of booms from some distant heat cloud, it is nice to hear on this EP that the band is capable of bringing up the rock a bit. Nice touches. Song Number 3 “Maya” reminds me a bit of early, Barnstorm era, Joe Walsh. Like a hit of mid-seventies joint smoke, it’s not the same as if I was there taking a hit off that dooby, but I can get the faint remnants of it’s potency from the smoke flakes in the air. Another nice song, and a bit of a different approach for the band than the other songs, which is always nice to hear in a release. Track Number 4 “Come back to Earth” is a winner as it encompasses all the bands strength’s into one song. A bit of dreamy shoe gaze, and some alternative rock to close it out with a bit a piano/keyboard oompah to finish it off. The last song of the 5 song EP could be a song from Filter. It’s got the same kind of drawl and vibe of “Hey man, nice shot”. So if you like Filter or a poppier edged Nine Inch Nails you might like this. However, now that I said that, I’ll probably get tons of hate mail from NIN backers out there telling me I don’t know what I’m talking about. I hope I do, gosh and I hope they tell me my dick’s small and I can’t even screw. Yippee for me. Well, whatever the case, give this a listen if you can by going to the bandcamp site below and then you tell me in the comments to this review how far off I was. Please and Tank you. You can stream the whole release from...

Center of the Sun- Machine Gun Music Review

Center of the Sun- Machine Gun Music Review Center of the Sun Machine Gun Mayfly/Self Aware Dreamy brit pop kind of music with layered female vocals. Reminds me a bit of a less droning more pop influenced My Bloody Valentine at times. I guess you could call this shoe gaze, I can see the band standing a still on the stage with the lead female vocalist holding the microphone in one hand looking down with her eyes closed expressing her inner shyness through the music default presetting. This could be the lost album that the Cranberries were going to release in between Everybody else is doing it, So why can’t we and No Need To Argue . It’s like that transition part for the Cranberries when they went a touch harder on No Need to Argue . I bet you could almost even release this as a lost Cranberries album and not that many people would shake you off. Is there a place for this in your volumess record collection or room on your MP3 player (do the kids even use them anymore?)? Look, I like hard rock and metal most of all, but there is always room for different bands/artists and sounds. What matters most to me, and maybe you feel the same way, is not only would I enjoy hearing an album, but does it serve my time constraints. In other words, not only is it good enough to enjoy repeated listening, but will I feel okay giving it the ample time it needs to be heard and will I be okay giving away that time? For me, being a music lover, reviewer, listener and music podcast host, I listen to bands and artists many times over. So for me it wouldn’t matter about repeated listening. However, I do like to feel that the time I have put in does have some value and that the music I listened to, especially for review, has given me something of substance. I think you should put some time aside for this release, it’s rather catchy. Let’s put it this way, there is nothing detracting from this release, and the only reason you wouldn’t want to give it a listen is you ran out of time at gym or in line at the Deli. Either one of those two reasons. Nothing else. So give it a listen, what are you so important that you can’t give a band you never heard of fifteen minutes? Oh yeah, I know,...

White Wives S/T 7 Inch Music Review

White Wives S/T 7 Inch Music Review White Wives S/T 7 inch A-F Records I like everything about this release, well I wish it had more songs but that’s not really a complaint is it? What I like most about these catchy as hell pop/rock songs is the harmony vocals and the different affects that they employed on them. A little distorted, a bit distant but very distinct. I would be happy to have this 7 inch in my collection and to follow this bands progress as they continue making music. Has a very British Pop feel too it, maybe even a bit of Big Country flavor. I am envious of bands like this, that have a vision of what they want their music to sound like and how it should be shape, then to have it come out this well. I don’t think there is anyway I could concept and complete anything this well. I would like to see this band do a tour with my beloved Broadcaster, that would be a nice bill. Two rocking pop flavored bands with good harmonies and solid catchy riffs. Book this fucker now please someone with their shit together more than me. By the way listen to “Yours”, especially the final minutes when the singer is yelling a bit in desperation, and the guitars come chiming in and tell me you won’t get hooked up in that. If you can’t your ears must be clogged full of Nyquil juice, fingernail bits, and nacho sauce. Unclogged those fuckers Junior, and get you some of this. This review was written by Brad Bugos. You can reach him at brad@fatrobotradio.com and you can hear a song from this seven inch by White Wives on SLTM (the Podcast) by typing in their name in the search box....

Braidedveins Future/Forever Music Review

Braidedveins Future/Forever Music Review Braidedveins Future/Forever Save Your Generation Records Got a little Snapcase in them, which is a band that I follow and love, even though Snapcase is broken up. Man do I hope there is another Snapcase Record Store Day release this year. Back to Braidedveins. Look, I know there is a lot of music out there, and there is no way you can find it or listen to it all. I know also that there is a lot of hardcore/hard rock out there to digest and enjoy. Sure. Since bandcamp came along, really there is no need not to check out as many bands as you can. You can stream this release on the Save Your Generation Records bandamp page, do it while your bored out of your mind at work. Look at it this way. I didn’t find Snapcase until Victory Records sent me their last CD for review in my zine, SLTM (the Zine). I wish I had found them earlier, I wish I had bought Progression Through Unlearning when it first came out. Don’t miss out on Braidedveins , a fine hardcore/hard rock band. Someday in the future this band may break up, and along you’ll stumble into Exile On Main Street Records (although it will be called Exiled away from Main Street by that time when it makes it’s fourth and final move into the back half of Ducky’s Formal Wear on University), find Future/Forever in the used records, remember (not all that likely) that I mentioned it was a really good hard rock/hardcore record and you’ll plunk down the $1.50 for it. You’ll get home to the crappy apartment you share with your Uncle Vic (he was in a nasty helicopter accident in the 1960’s and can’t eat his own soup), put the record on and be excited you found a good band you can follow and enjoy only to find out they broke up after their third record. I’ve listened to, talked about, reviewed, played, enjoyed, and seen a lot of music (yes seen, as in live) and I know what catches my ears after all these years. It’s bands like this, bands that I am glad that I’m still looking and listening for new sounds. You should too, give Braidedveins a try. Don’t snapcase them like I did with Snapcase....

Thinning the Herd Music Review

Thinning the Herd Music Review Thinning the Herd Freedom From the Known tthmusic.com At times and in bits and pieces this band can sound like a less Motorhead-ish Nashville Pussy and a less spacey Farflung. Which in my book, cause I really like two of those bands and love Motorhead, is a wonderful sound mixture. After this cold as fuck winter, one in which I was left wondering if I was ever going to see a warm day again in my life, nothing would settle my deepening depressive cacophony than some driving around in the country with the windows down and Freedom from the Known coming out of the car speakers. It’s that perfectly crafted type of album that would suit a lazy, warm drive aimlessly heading in a blinding drift of warm breezes and no destination. This album is never over or under heavy, it’s just the right amount. I’m driving around in my car, I’ve got a cold sixer in the trunk, and I need to pull over somewhere in the country, a nice shaded area that I can pull my car up to , open the trunk , turn the tunes up a bit and relax in the afternoon sun. Glad that the winter freeze has finally gone the way of the hardon sock, glad to have a cold beer and some solid hard rock tunes coming out of my adequate car stereo. Nothing would make me happier, well, I mean, a twelve pack and a cigar wouldn’t hurt. Or how about this, I’m at the local bar. A nice bar, they have bands sometimes on the weekends. Now, I’m there just to drink some beer, maybe have the house cheeseburger and to forget that I’ve just sweated my ass off in that humid as fuck cabinet factory all week long. This band that was tuning up begins to play. After a few songs, some head nods and “alright”‘s from some of the crowd, the band says they are Thinning the Herd. I’m enjoying this music, the beer and cheeseburger, glad to be rid of my crappy job if only for a few hours. Their music is relaxing, but not in a sleepy melancholy way, no it’s sort of dreamy hard rock with a beat and pulse. More seventies rock, like Hawkwind, than say something from today’s drifting rock set. I’ve have always enjoyed Thinning the Herd’s music. It’s a band that I have put on my own MP3 player to...

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