New Commercials heard on SLTM (the Podcast) Episodes 179 & 180

Two New Commercials. These were heard on SLTM (the Podcast) Episodes 179 & 180. Please feel free to share them and post them wherever to help promote these releases by these fine bands. Like Like The The The Death Radiant Republic Radiant Republic Commercial #1 [ 0:47 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Like Like The The The Death Commercial #1 [ 0:58 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Like Like The The The Death Commercial #2 [ 1:09 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Feeling Froggy? Then Jump!

We are giving away some free music to the first person or baring that, anyone who emails us after listening to the show. We’ve got a few nice 7 inch records, some CD’s, and some DDL Codes for a lucky person. There is some good stuff in there too. Giveaway Bundle: Leeres Hirn Cassette, Dead Moths Cassette, Superchunk The Clambake Series Vol.2 CD, Steve Azar Delta Soul Vol. 1 CD, The Parson Red Heads Orb Weaver CD, Robyn Hitchcock Love From London CD, Dave Smalley Punk Rock Days CD, And the Professors Our Postmortem CD, Don Walrus EP on 7 inch Vinyl, Lawnmower Whack Yer Brain EP on 7 inch Vinyl. Plus Some free stickers. (We’ll even throw in a couple 8 tracks if you want them) How do you get all this for free postage paid? Listen to the show then email brad@fatrobotradio.com with your answer. We’ll pick at random or if no one enters we’ll just keep all this cool stuff ourselves and give it to our interns at the yearly X-Mas Forgive Me Bash. MUSIC ON EPISODE 180 OF SLTM (the Podcast): Holyoak Griz Vortis Diesto Killing Joke Other Links: Killing Joke “Corporate Elect” Video Placeholder Pre-order Save Your Generation records Spinefarm Records USA Holyoak Bandcamp Eolian Empire Records SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 180 [ 47:56 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Nonagon- The Last Hydronaut – Music Review

Nonagon- The Last Hydronaut – Music Review Nonagon Last Hydronaut EP Controlled Burn Records In the Fall of 1988 I went away to college (well community college), in a town about three hours from where I grew up. I didn’t know a soul. I was so ready to get away from everything I knew, that I didn’t care that I was going to be all alone and lonely until I made some friends. I did eventually make some friends, including Tony Motherfucker whom I still good friends with to this day. However, one of the things that really helped me get through all loneliness and feeling out of place, was the college radio station I started working at. You see, Lakeland had WLKL 90 FM and that was one of the reasons I chose to go three hours away to college. One day I was looking around in the program directors office, and I found a few records sitting there , All’s ALLROYS REVENGE, Steel Pole Bathtubs BUTTERFLY LOVE, and The Hickoids WALTZ ACROSS DRESS TEXAS. I asked if I could have them, and If I could start adding them into my next show. The PD said, with a flair of who gives a shit, “sure”. So began my life long love of finding and sharing music. I have to also give credit to a girl whose name I don’t remember for playing different types of music on her show to spark my interest, and to Darin Foley for pointing me in the direction of the Didjits, the best band to ever come out of Central Illinois (suck it REO Puddwagon). Why dive into the past, the beginnings of my burgeoning love of music? Why relive this moment while reviewing the new slab of audio dynamite from Nonagon? Did I forget to take my pills this morning and think that I’m writing another love letter to Charles Kuralt? It’s bands like this, and releases like this that invoke in me some type of nostalgic dinner party. I hear this record and it reminds me of a simpler time in my life, when I had only being weird, alone and starving to worry about, and not all these nooses around my adult neck. I found such joy in discovering the new LP from the Warlock Pinchers, or The Pagans (granted it was a Pagans compilation LP), that even though it was weird being way out of my comfort zone, all this really interesting music made me feel...

Broadcaster A MILLION HOURS Album Music review

Broadcaster A MILLION HOURS Album Music review Broadcaster A Million Hours Jump Start Records Music Review, this review concerns the Vinyl version of A Million Hours. It’s very hard to walk away from this LP without a smile on your face, and while that smile is there because of the catchy pop rock music that Broadcaster plays so well, there is also a slight feeling of sadness that this LP gives the listener. All of the songs are catchy and well played, with some nice theremin thrown into “Jamie” and some very solid guitar work by Jesse Litwa. That’s all well and good, and it’s a very enjoyable listen. The sadness or depth that this band portrays on this album, makes it worth multiple listens. My personal favorite song is “Tomorrow”, not only for the “I fought the Law” style opening, and the hooks, but because the chorus of “oohhh”, the middle break and the idea that in this song I started to understand that all was not right with the people portrayed on this album. Side one has all the catchy rock songs, complete with wonderful singing and tight playing. The second side, and maybe this is me reading to much into things, has more of the desperate search for self and resignation of “this is how things are”. What I started to hear in “Tomorrow” and continues on side two with “I don’t wanna talk to anyone” is a realization that the world makes no sense and that fitting in never happens now matter how far away you get from that alienated alone person from your adolescence. “Comfortable” says “I Wish I didn’t feel a goddam thing” and “I want to feel comfortable in my own skin”, things that resonate with me, because even at my advancing age those things probably will never come to pass. It’s something that stuck with me on this record, and it made me want to relay to the band, that No, you don’t ever feel comfortable in your own skin, you just keeping moving along trying to understand what the hell it all means to you. I enjoy this band, and I’m glad I found them with the help of Bear Trap PR. It’s bands like this that take a simple idea of playing punk rock with some hooks, refining their sound over a few albums and then adding some weighty subjects that make me glad that I still search out new music. It’s not an easy thing...

Commercials for Knife the Symphony & Nonagon

Hey There. From time to time we like to record silly little commercials for music we enjoy or would like you to check out. We know it’s a hassle listening to a full episode of the podcast, so we’re gonna post the two newest commercials here so you can listen to them over and over. Please give them a listen and then pass them along. Check out the links below for information on these releases. Thank You Brad Bugos, HOST of SLTM (the Podcast) Controlled Burn Records Knife the Symphony Bandcamp Phratry Records Knife the Symphony 4 way Split Commercial #2 [ 0:46 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Knife the Symphony 4 way Split Commercial #3 [ 0:54 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Nonagon Last Hydronaut Commercial #1 [ 0:42 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

False Statements Repeated by Angry Penetrator

Douglas Flinglinker told Deborah Basspincher over and over not to over sauce the duck la’orange , but apparently she did not heed his advice. What happened? Dry Duck, just like DF said would happen. MUSIC ON EPISODE 179 OF SLTM (THE PODCAST): Knife the Symphony Radiant Republic Like Like The The The Death Batillus Empire of Rats Other Links Phratry Records Sick Room Records a389 Records Batillus Bandcamp SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 179 [ 44:35 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Music Review – Azure Emote – Gravity of Impermanence

Music Review – Azure Emote – Gravity of Impermanence Music Review Azure Emote – The Gravity of Impermanence – Azureemote.com This is your growling slow it down, speed it up type of metal. However this album has something else that other bands of this ilk don’t have. It’s a sense of experimentation. There’s a bit of goofy fun in it as well. No, they are not Weird AL for metal fans, but they have a sense of whimsy in the songs. Yeah, I know how that sounds, and it may turn off some metal fans , but it shouldn’t. There’s a lady singing opera in parts, saxophone and horn parts, some swing and swagger with the throat growling main vocals. This is not your ordinary speed metal. Plus throw in some poignant slices of movie quotes and you got yourself an interesting listen. Check out the saxophone and movie quote breakdown on “Destroyer of Suffering”, and the wonderful violin part. It picks up again after that break, and gives you a punch in the face. Plus the vocals are not your normal growled unintelligible muffled mess, these are vocals that work , they make sense and are easy to enjoy. This album is well produced, not overly slick or polished, but open and easy to hear the different breaks and parts in each song. There are these vibes I get as well from this album, they put in mind the old horror movies. Foggy, cold, spooky old mountain town, where everyone shuts their shutters and windows, and no one will help you find the castle. If I was hip enough I could pull out a movie reference and you could look it up and agree with my assessment. Or not. Such beautiful violin at the beginning of “Veils of Looming Despair”. Really, where the fuck are you going to hear something like this album? It’s got such an interesting mix of sounds and styles of music. This song here? It’s got two female voices singing to each other opera style. Come on, you don’t want to check that out? Give this band a chance, they have an interesting mix of sounds, and none of the songs went by unnoticed. After reading this review, follow the links below and hear them for yourself or just type in Azure Emote in the search here at SLTM and listen to the Episode they are on and enjoy. Wait, is that a mad woman crying out at the end of “Veils of...

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