Without women you would never have been born… Prove It!

I may have beat up my little brother a bit when we were younger. You know how it is, you’re just trying to do your thing, like put toys under his sheets or give him a wedgie, and he just starts bugging ya. I mean, beat it punk ass , go irritate someone else, I’ve got fart into your pillow before you go to bed. Over the years we become good friends, almost like brothers in a sense. Sure He still irritates me when he eats with his mouth open or won’t eat anything but hot dogs and Lucky Charms Cereal. And Sure, sometimes I would like to choke him when he says “There it isn’t” for the millionth time. Yes, I’d like to strangle him when does that throat clearing thing or sings half a Journey song when he drinks. To be honest, I can’t stand the guy. I’d really like to push him down a flight of stairs again or push him off the roof….again. I’ve got to make a phone call and see if I can’t get him to go hunting with me this year dressed like an Elk. Thank you for listening. Music on Episode 156 of Sonically Loud Tuneful Music: Car Bomb The Marine Electric Man the Change Meklit & Quinn Prison Book Club Car Bomb Facebook Page Unbuckled Records Marine Electric LP order Page Hooked on Records Order Page for Man the Change EP SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 156 [ 40:22 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Brokaw – Interiors Commercials

Please find below two new commercials written, voiced and produced by Brad Bugos and Phil Chevron. These two commercials are for the new release from Brokaw called Interiors. Give them a listen, find Brokaw on SLTM (The Podcast) by searching their name on the site, and then follow the links to their web site to find out more about them. Please feel free to post, pass along, or use these commercials for free anywhere you think will help promote Brokaw’s new LP. Thank you BROKAW Good To Die Records First Brokaw Commercial [ 1:04 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Second Brokaw Commercial [ 1:51 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

I’m gonna go on a Nationwide Nut kicking tour!

Maybe I’m just getting old and bitter, but I’ve about had it up to here with everything. I just want the noise to stop. It’s a lot of interference and noise in the background that I think we could do without. People always yapping, what happened to a little bit of self respect and decorum? It’s gone. I just wish the world would shut up. Then everyone could hear me talk and enjoy my podcast. Because I am not part of the problem, I’m the solution. Music on Episode 155 of Sonically Loud Tuneful Music: Empty Flowers Run, Forever Among Giants Tyler Daniel Beane Aperiodic Words of Farewell Phratry Records – Releasing the new Aperiodic Album SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 155 [ 45:53 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Deep Elm Records Commercials

Here are the two commercials I wrote for the Deep Elm $5 digital download and free music deals. I played the first one in Episode 154 and plan to use the other one in Episode 155 and beyond. They are basically the same but with different voice in the second. Please enjoy these, go download some good music and check out Deep Elm Records. Also feel free to pass these along, post them or share them anywhere. Deep Elm Records Regular Style Commercial Play Now | Play in Popup | Download Chunky Homestyl, also Play Now | Play in Popup |...

When it’s Party time, it’s SLTM time!

There are certain images that make my blood boil over with rage. Like a bull with a red cloth, certain images turn my brain to heated soup. One of the most infuriating to me is the photo of Kirk Cameron eating strawberries. I mean, who in the hell does he think he is? Oh, Mr. Cameron, here’s you bowl of strawberries, would you like a little cream and sugar with that? I hope you gag on those sweet fruits, and no one is there to give you a napkin to wipe your face. You Ridiculous Man. Music on Episode 154 of Sonically Loud Tuneful Music: The Switch Best Practices Fight Amp United Sons of Toil Assembly of Light SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 154 [ 36:22 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Cari Clara – Midnight March- Music Review

Cari Clara – Midnight March- Music Review Cari Clara– Midnight March – Deep Elm Records Music Review by Brad Bugos – Host of SLTM (the Podcast) – brad@fatrobotradio.com Describing music in an accurate way, to tell another person about the sounds which filter into my ear and around my brain has always been a bit of a daunting task for me. I’ve written thousands of these things, in my zine and for this podcast. It never gets easier, mostly because I’m an idiot who thinks purple is an accurate description of grapes. Since I enjoy music so much, since I listen to so much of it, I feel it’s my duty to try and describe music that I like. I want, at the very least, for you to want to find this band and hear them too. Let’s see what kind of word picture I can weave about Cari Clara’s new LP Midnight March. This music sounds good, it makes my head have happy face. No dammit, that’s not it. I’m entertained by the sounds of music blasting through my speaker holes…Good Lord, I suck. Let’s deal with this simply. I enjoy this album. Why? Well, the songs are well crafted. Unlike bands like Fun. and Grizzly Bear, whom I enjoy too, this band makes those sounds and atmosphere by using what appears to be natural sounds. What does that mean you ask? Well, I’ve noticed that bands like Starfucker and Flaming Lips (both bands I enjoy the hell out of) use a lot of created sound noises to fill and enhance their sound. It’s really good, and I like those aforementioned bands, but I like Cari Clara because it seems they’ve decided to use themselves as filler. Does that make any sense? Probably not. Maybe Cari Clara does use a lot of synth and studio tricks on this album, but their sound scape sounds organic and I like that. It’s a nice compliment and difference from those other bands. At times sounding like Automatic for the People era REM and at other times sounding a bit like Ryan Adams, there is plenty of sound ideas from this LP for anyone to enjoy and not get bored. Sometimes Diedrich just sounds like a singer songwriter whose a bit world worn and a bit down, but who wants to share his experiences with the listener. “Same old Bad Dream” is a solid winner. Eric Diedrichs channels Stipe and REM on this song, and that’s fine. It’s a...

Don’t Tell me “Give it up”, too busy getting down!

Sometimes the best you have to offer isn’t good enough, sometimes even when you dig down deep inside yourself for something extra, you still fail. It’s a facet of life that most people don’t want to see. Giving it your all and failing, that’s what SLTM (the Podcast) is all about. Enjoy MUSIC ON EPISODE 153 of Sonically Loud Tuneful Music: Restorations Joe 4 Hollywood Burnouts Dikembe Layo&Bushwacka Links you should check out: Corrosion of Conformity Candlelight Music Toasterguy.com Deep Elm $5 Album & Free Music Deal SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 153 [ 42:24 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

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