The Demon Beat – BULLSHIT WALKS – Music Review

The Demon Beat – BULLSHIT WALKS – Music Review The Demon Beat – Bullshit Walks– Big Bullet records– Review by Brad Bugos This record is a garage rock/punk rock album. Thank you for making it, The Demon Beat. Sometimes I get the feeling that bands will work on a straight ahead rock album and then think “wait, is it cool to release just a garage rock album anymore?”. My answer is yes you can, if you’re The Demon Beat. In their new album Bullshit Walks they start their songs in a straight ahead rock vein and then, guess what? they take it on a nice straight rock line and end it in a rock vein. It’s not that they don’t make the drive interesting, they just don’t throw in a bunch of dog legs to the left and hills with loose gravel. Oh you’ll enjoy the journey, you just don’t have to worry about the car spinning out of control. Now, I love some of the bands that take their records and infuse them with sounds and noises to complete the overall sound, much like my beloved Sparklehorse. However, when a band is this good at the rock “sound” (and by the way, great drum sound on this record, I like that, not overly heavy, but nice and punchy with a good feel), they don’t need to dress it up with a bunch of fancy window dressing. Here are the songs, they seem to be saying, enjoy them without all the hype and flutter. It’s nice to hear a band be confident in their songs, knowing that this is where their strength lies. There is a nice dirty quality to the singing and playing on this album too, let’s not promote this as just a straight ahead rock record without noting that there doesn’t seem to that overall glossy sheen to it that many rock records think they need. My favorite song on the disc is track #4- GET IT . Just some nice overall guitar work, the singing is perfectly pitched, the guy sounds like he’s really trying to get someone to understand him, to listen, then that chorus kicks in, a bit painful and tempered. Nice work by the band, this should be their first single and if I was programming a college radio station, this would get some heavy rotation. By the way, thanks to the lead singer Adam L. Meistherhans for having the perfect rock n roll voice that I so miss. Steven Tyler...

How to push someone down a flight of stairs for gain and promotion

We’ve reached a nice milestone here at SLTM (the Podcast). It’s our fifth year and our 125th episode of the podcast. There are some people I would like to thank for helping us along the way. They are: Michelle Anderson (she listens to every episode and tells me it sounds good), Ben Phillips (he helps me with all my technical questions for the website and created some really good graphics for me), Phil Chevron (my good friend, producer and former class mate at UIS)and all the cool PR,Label, Band and Artists over the years who sent us materials, and let us talk to them about their music. Enjoy the show, we have four more shows in this run and we’ll take a break for Thanksgiving and conclude the year with two new shows and the year end best of show. Thanks for listening. Want some free music? CD’s and Vinyl? Send me an email and we might pick you to receive some free music that we’ve played on this show – brad@fatrobotradio.com. It’s easy and simple, give us your name and address and if we pick you we’ll send you out some cool music. FREE! MUSIC ON EPISODE 125 of SLTM (The Podcast): Broadcaster Noothgrush Pyrrhon Thomas Cromerford Voyager SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 125 [ 39:18 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

The Parson Red Heads YEARLING album review

The Parson Red Heads YEARLING album review THE PARSON RED HEADS – YEARLING– Arena Rock Recording Company Review by Brad Bugos The Beautiful Harmonies are what you hear first when you pop this CD into the player. Just wonderful, beautiful harmonies. It’s hard to ignore them, especially when the first song “Burning up the Sky” kicks in with such lush auditory goodness. This band told me in an interview that it took them awhile to create these harmonies as they sound now. Thank you for spending that time working on it, because you guys really perfected it. Want to know what the second thing is when I listen to this album? That this is a really good rock band. I mean rock band, as in there are some really good guitar powered rock songs on here. No, they won’t be confused with Incubus, or Van Halen, but they do make a fine rock song, something that really fits into the overall feel of the album. I get the feeling that they could just write these Jayhawk type rock/country tunes all day long but they don’t they flex some nice rock muscle. Let’s look at song number Six, “SEVEN YEARS AGO”. It starts out with a nice acoustic guitar, some nice slide guitar, it has a nice warm country rock ballad sound. Evan Way has a nice plaintive, longing voice. It fits the song, but the nice thing about Evan’s singing is that this isn’t the only place the voice comes from, there area all kinds of stations on this radio. Then the harmonies kick in, just perfectly laid out and complimenting to Evan’s lead vocals. It’s a nice song that seems to be about being lost and moving along, trying to find that one thing that makes you stop and really enjoy life. What nice harmonies though, good lord, I’m not kidding it’s like treating my ears to the highest quality sounds the earth has to offer. When the next song kicks in, with their touch harder guitar and still fine harmonies, if you don’t enjoy this group then I guess we’ll just have to agree to meet on the streets somewhere so that I can open hand slap you upside your head. What is not to like about this band? Well written songs, really good lead singer, fine musicians and great harmonies. I’m going to have to start forcing people to listen to this CD, otherwise I might go completely off the deep end next...

Where have all the Good Times Gone?

While no one was listening to some stupid podcast coming out of the bowels of the Champaign, IL area, a mild mannered skinflint by the name of Rick Tallackmacker was hatching a plan. It was a plan so devious, so cunning that even local law enforcement was baffled and dismayed at it’s scope and deviousness. This, Tallackmacker, was a planner and a bit of a wild card. When it was time to implement Plan Magenta Tea Towel, everyone, including some of gang members were scared. What had this mad man brought them to? what was he thinking? Some of them asked themselves. I’ll tell you what he was thinking, I’ll tell you the whole plan right here. You see, Rick Tallackmacker was planning to…….. We interrupt this news bulletin/Special Report for this Episode of SLTM (the Podcast). MUSIC ON EPISODE 124 of SLTM (the Podcast): Sunny Shadows Host Skull Haken CLASSIC CASSETTE TRACK – Accelerators – Leave My Heart Album – 1983 The Demon Beat Iron Lamb Check out this Web Site- Independent Clauses SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 124 [ 46:51 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Helstar – Glory of Chaos – Record Review by Phil Chevron

Helstar – Glory of Chaos – Record Review by Phil Chevron HELSTAR –Glory of Chaos – AFM RECORDS – Release Date 8/2/2011 Review by SLTM (the Podcast) Producer Phil Chevron Okay, I admit, I’m the guy who gets all the metal on the show. I know Brad enjoys it too, but I’m the one who actively pursues labels, PR places and bands so that we can play metal on the show. All kinds of metal too, I love them all. So when this Disc was given to me a while back, I thought (after repeated listens) that I would write up a little review for it, because I enjoyed it so much. It’s given me a lot of listening pleasure, is what I’m trying to convey to you. The description on the press sheet lists it as Speed or Thrash metal, and it does have the speed requirements for those two categories. What I think makes it a little different than just being a straight ahead Speed Metal band is the vocals. I like the fact that lead singer James Rivera, can keep it subtle and strong, then unleash some screaming when it fits into the song. Some singers, well they tend to over volume everything and don’t realize that the subtle weight of their singing is just as important and the screaming, it may not have as much power but one sets up the other and the contrast is what is rewarding. That this band has been around since 1983 and I have not heard their music is really a crime, and I would like to apologize to the band for being such a Jason Helger (a total dork nerd I went to school with who always seemed to latch onto cool stuff way too late. Hey Jason, how’s the Vans shoes working out for ya? dork!). There is a nice subtle undertone to this record, and some very fine guitar work. I would say that the strong vocals, and the solid guitar work are the stand out points. That’s not to say everything else sucked, it didn’t it was good too, it’s just that those two things really stood out to me. Want to know the other strong point of this record? The song times. Yes, I said it. The song times are just perfect. Hey, look I love a long metal song that takes me on a journey, but let’s be straight here. These songs are in the perfect time allotment, no reason the drag on your...

Skadooch on the Nooch! Ya Hear Me?

My little brother had enough to that point, you could see the constant “Tea-agga” and “Charlene” jokes were getting to him. So we told him, here’s what you do..You go up to Greg, and ask him “What do you think we should have for supper?” Then we he says “I don’t know” or “How about Pizza”. You yell “how about balls?” and punch him in the nuts. So Tadd goes up to Greg, who is joking around with Morty, and asks Greg “What do you think we should have for supper?” Greg had no idea what was coming and said “How should I know” That’s when Tadd unfurled a right hook into Greg’s groin while yelling “How about balls?”. Down Greg went and off Tadd ran. Oh how the rest of us giggled. We couldn’t stop laughing at Greg’s pain. Tadd tried to get away, but Greg caught up to him and gave him a good beating. However, it was worth it, and you could see by the smile on Tadd’s bruised face that he was happy it turned out so well. We still laugh about it, and if we see Greg we remind him of what’s for supper and he winces just a bit. MUSIC ON EPISODE 123 of SLTM (the Podcast) Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Hull Easter Island – Sixty Bucks- Cassette Track – 1989- Minneapolis, MN Band Owen Six Finger Satellite Ordo Obsidium SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 123 [ 49:03 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Whose gonna be your tower of power, whose gonna be your naked explosion?

Here is my annual plea to Rick Sims, song writer, guitar player and lead singer of The Didjits and Gaza Strippers. PLEASE Release some new material. Ever since I noticed the Fizzjob Poster in Darrin Foley’s apartment in Mattoon while I attended Lake Land College (1989), I’ve been a fan. I listen to all the Didjits albums on a regular basis, especially FIZZJOB and HORNET PINATA. Plus LACED CANDY is on regular rotation on my MP3 player as well. Even if it’s just some band you throw together and release a new album with, you don’t have to tour or anything just share your quality song writing genius with us fans. Now look, Rick, you don’t owe us anything, you are more than welcome to live your life and never put out another album. But, I have to say, when you are as good as you are, well maybe you should at least consider it. Plus, maybe a one off show here and there in Champaign, just so we can all bask in your awesome front man skills. Who’s gonna look at us like were a bunch of nobs who don’t get it and then flip us off? Don Gerard? Hell’s he’s the mayor now. So please, Rick Sims, creator of some of the greatest punk rock/rock albums in my music collection (and yes My collection is extensive), put out one more album, call it RICK SIMS SAYS GOODBYE (middle finger raised). I’ll clutch it in my dying hands while I’m listening to you sing “Mamma Had a Skull Baby” and smile as I take in my dying breath. Music on Episode 122 of SLTM (the Podcast): The Parson Red Heads Pallers Giant Squid White Mystery Markobot Casiokids Brutal Truth Interview Clip- Bobby Burg of Joan of Arc, Make Believe, and Love of Everything. SLTM (the Podcast) Episode 122 [ 46:02 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Pygmalion Music Festival Interview with The Parson Red Heads 9/22/2011

The Parson Red Heads sat down with me during Pygmalion Music Festival on September 22, 2011 to talk about their tour, their new album YEARLING and their wonderful harmonies. Many thanks to Christen from Presswolf PR for setting up the interview. The Parsons were wonderful people, easy to talk to and YEARLING is just a joy to listen to, wonderful harmonies and good music. Listen to the interview then head over to their website and listen to more of their songs. We played “Burning up the Sky” on Episode 122 of SLTM (the Podcast) which posts on October 5, 2011. Band members: Evan Way – songwriter, vocals, guitars Brette Marie Way – drums, vocals Sam Fowles – guitars, vocals, songwriter (“Happy We Agree”, “I Was Only”) Charlie Hester – bass, vocals The Parson Red Heads Facebook and main web site. The Parson Red Heads Complete Interview [ 14:15 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

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