New Episodes of SLTM (the podcast)

Coming Next Week on this site new Episodes of SLTM (the podcast). We Will kick off the Month of April with Episode 11 on the 3rd.  You can look forward to about five to seven new episodes.  Each one will feature new, exciting and wonderful independent music. So drop by April 3, 2007 sometime in the late afternoon and listen to or download the next episode in a continuing effort to help publicize music that doesn’t always get the attention it...

It’s spring and I feel great

Hello, Barry the Assistant here. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. There isn’t much to speak of on the SLTM front right now. Brad has been working on the cartoon mostly, well, not really but that’s what he claims he’s doing in between playing XBOX 360. So I’ve been coming around the office three times a week, just to tidy up and do some light typing and to hear Brad bitch about stupid stuff that he has no control over. Have you ever seen that man play a video game? It’s especially bad when he is playing baseball, his favorite sport. What a fuggin baby. It’s nice when his children are here, they are lots of fun to be around and very entertaining for me. Also it helps him chill out a little bit and act normal. Well, as normal as that guy can be, which I guess isn’t all that normal. As I mentioned above, the first episode of the cartoon STEVE JIFF’S MORNING SHENANIGANS is being put together. I listened to the audio portion of it, and I have to say that even I laughed a couple of times. Not laughed out loud, but on the inside. I gotta run, Brad has me doing some yard work today, planting flowers for his girlfriend and seeding the lawn. If only he would get off his ass and do it, maybe people would like him more. Bye for...

Hi there

It’s Barry again. Once again I have to start this post by mentioning that the Trailer for Steve Jiff’s Morning Shenanigans is up on the FRR myspace site: FRR ON MYSPACE So please check it out, the first Episode of the Cartoon will premiere this Summer. Now on to me. Brad is driving me crazy. He’s running around trying to find stuff in his office and trying to come up with ideas for the next round of Podcasts. Plus he’s driving me crazy with telling me jokes and reading the script to the Cartoon. It’s not that they aren’t funny (the first time), it’s just that he yells them from down the hall at me. I wish he would just shut up for five minutes and give me a chance to enjoy my Green Tea. I better get going, Mr. Yelling Jokes and laughing at the top of his lungs is needing my assistance again. He makes me towel him off when he gets out of the shower, and then I have to rub lotion on his neck, chest, back, arms, legs and ass. I keep asking myself “Do I really need the $7.50 that bad?” The answer is always yes, I do. I’m so...


Hello everyone. Barry here. Did you know that Fat Robot Radio is now available on Itunes? Pretty sweet. Go check it out. Yes, you can still download the show at the website, Fat Robot Radio But this way you can find it on Itunes and tell everyone you know about it. How is that? I don’t know, I’m just some lowly assistant to some whack job. He told me that I have to put any news about either of his podcasts first in my blog post or otherwise it’s back to closet with me. I mean, supply closet of course, not the other one where you keep your skeletons. So there you go, Fat Robot Radio on Itunes, I’m sure it will get as much attention as it does on it’s own site, not much. Also I saw the trailer for the Cartoon the guys from Fat Robot Radio are working, and it’s pretty good. Can’t wait for the whole production. I gotta run now, I’ve got a shopping list full of crap to buy Mr. I Can’t Run to the Store myself cause people make me uncomfortable....

Please tune in Monday

Hey everyone this is Barry, Brad’s long time suffering assistant. Please tune in to this blog on Monday March 12th for my thoughts, rants, koodos, and favorite things. Brad is letting me use his site for the rest of the month cause he doesn’t pay me very well. This will be my compensation for being under paid and for suffering with a jackass of a boss.  See you all soon, and please feel free to leave some comments. Let me know how you’re doing and if you like anything I am talking...

Contact Information

While SLTM (The Podcast) takes a short vacation, I wanted to post all the contact information for the Podcast and SLTM (The Website). Here goes: Send all materials for play or review to SLTM PO Box 14 Tuscola, IL 61953 Emails – Brad Bugos – sltmonkees@yahoo.com News – either Phil Chevron – philchevron@gmail.com or Jack Windbreaker – jackwindbreaker@yahoo.com If you have any questions about a band or artist that is played on the Podcast, say you can’t find them on the web or don’t remember their email address. Please Feel free to email anyone above and ask for further information. If we have it, we’ll be happy to pass it along. New Episodes of SLTM (the Podcast) start April 3rd and run all through April. Each Tuesday a new Episode. During the Month of March, I’m going to turn over the site to my assistant Barry who has just been itching to talk all about that Jerk he works for and how difficult he is to be around. So enjoy Barry’s ramblings and thoughts, I just hope that most of it doesn’t involve his cats. SEE YA IN...

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