Chubby Fudges Cooking Lab Episode 10

Well, it’s the last new Episode for a while, probably until April 3rd. Two things to take note of here: One, I whinge a lot (Way too much) about no one sending me CD’s anymore. I listened to the Episode tonight at work to see how it sounded, but mostly to listen to myself talk and there is a lot of complaining about that subject. Sorry. Two, there are some technical problems on the podcast. Since no one listens to this podcast except two friends of mine it won’t be a big bother. They are not big, but a few small glitches here and there. I edited it wrong, probably cause I was in such a rush to get it finished in time.  So Enjoy the last Episode until April. This Episode Includes Music from: The Race Cari Clara The Getouts The Secession Movement Snapcase The Slugs Enjoy. Standard Podcast Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Last New Episode

The last new Episode of SLTM (The Podcast) will be tomorrow.  Episode 10 is chock full of great independent music, so enjoy. It will be the last new Episode until April 3.  Why? Like you really care.  Let’s just say that I have some obligations. Yes, Prison time.  Thanks for listening to the first ten episodes. See you in about, oh let’s say 30 days. Tomorrow Episode 10 of Chubby Fudges Cooking...

It’s Time for Episode 9

Welcome everyone to Episode 9 of the Music Podcast SLTM (The Podcast) or as I like to refer to it Chubby Fudges Cooking Lab. My thanks to Dylan for that. Anyway, on Chubby Fudges we like to expose you to new music, or at least music that could use a little exposure on a low rated, low watt radio station but can’t get it. We’re the bottom of the heap, so we like to play anything and everything. Up on Today’s Menu is: River City Rebels Boxcar Satan Madcap The Strongest Proof Without End The Lee Harvey Oswald Band It’s the second to last new show for a bit, so dig in and have seconds. I’m not sure what that means, but then again I’m a college drop out. Enjoy. Standard Podcast Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM Episode 8

With your host Brad Bugos. This episode features Music from: Kevin Tihista Scruffy the Cat The Bonesaw Romance Aloha Unbunny Won’t you join Brad for a full half hour of music and laughter? No? Okay. Thanks any way. Bye Now. Standard Podcast Play Now | Play in Popup |...

The Last Commercial

Here is a the last commercial in what was a lame attempt by myself to attract people to either sponsor the Podcast Fat Robot Radio or to get them swap a web banner in exchange for a commercial on said Podcast. However, it’s a lame idea and no one cares. So I finish out this stupid idea (and I’ve had many, believe me) with a commercial that I coaxed my girlfriend into helping me with. Ladies, gentlemen and Myself (since I’ll be the only one hearing it anyway), I present – THE SEXY Commercial: Warning – Be careful not to have cheese, butter or other melt-ables near the speakers while playing this MP3 clip. Standard Podcast Play Now | Play in Popup |...

A plea from your host, Brad Bugos

It seems no one wants to send me CD’s to play on the SLTM Podcast. My PO Box has been empty for months.  Where have all the good times gone? Victory Records said “go to hell, jackass”.  Tiberius Records said “Who listens to your crummy podcast anyway?”.  Go Kart Records said “Please stop calling and emailing us Mr. Broadjus, we’re going to call the authorities”.  Isn’t there any Independent Record label out there besides PHRATRY RECORDS that is cool? I know this plea will go unheard just like my Podcast, but maybe there is some small label out there that can’t seem to get their material reviewed or played even on Internet Radio. Maybe there is some kid out there who has just started his own label, looking for a light at the end of his bleak music label existence. If you are that person or know of someone, have them send along their Compact discs, 45’s, LP’s, Tapes, 8 tracks to SLTM PO BOX 14 Tuscola, IL 61953. Now the show will go on, Episodes 8, 9, and 10 will appear this month.  I have enough independent music to choke a horse, and the guy who put on his saddle.  So don’t worry about me. I’ll soldier on. On Sunday the final commercial will appear on this site. These were intended by me to give labels and bands/artists an idea of what FRR could do for them. A commercial we could place on the Podcast in exchange for a banner of ours on their web site. NOW, let’s be honest. NO ONE CARES. So I’m going to post this last one and not mention it again. That’s all I have to say. I don’t usually post news on this site in between Podcasts, but I’m a little cold and bitter this time of year so I thought I would take it out on you. And by you I mean me, since I have my site as my homepage and I’m the only one looking at it. Hi Brad.  Don’t forget your scarf, it’s cold outside. And hey, one more thing, don’t let those bullies at work take your lunch.  Stand up to them, and tell them “NO”. I made that lunch just for you. See everyone on Tuesday for Episode 8 of SLTM the Podcast. Dylan says I should change the name of the show to Sargent Farttree’s Musical Fun Time Hour.   I would, but it’s only...

SLTM Episode 7

Blah, blah blah blah blah Episode 7, blah blah blah blah. Blah blah and blah blah blah with Gilbert Wynn, Cougars, The Sun, The Light Wires, and the Farmers. Blah, blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Standard Podcast Play Now | Play in Popup |...

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