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Flame Failure

Like the sax. Reminds me at times of early replacements. The energy and fuck it all attitude. Only I don’t mean they don’t give a shit about the music. I mean the fuck it all attitude where your playing and it doesn’t matter where it’s going or how it’s going to end up, you’re just happy to be there creating. That’s enjoyable to listen too. Controlled brilliant cacaphonic beauty. I like the slow build at the beginning of “The arm will lead the way”. I like their energy, really I could play any song from this release. I like the way the band uses horns in their songs. “Paperbark Boston” has an engine go, turbo boost opening to it that I like. Would be a good band to see live, can feel the energy off this record. The horns would really open it up live. I will admit to tapping my toe to the beat. Reminds me a bit , a bit of Morphine. Also with a little bit of Tom Waits for flavor.

I know I’ve said this before about why+the+wires, but I get good vibes from this release, and this band. I know why, at least why I dig it, its got swing and a beat. No really. It’s got a swinging swagger to it, driven by the punchy back beat.

Plus this band is smart, they break into your room late at night, set up their instruments, then kick on the lights. Start rocking and swinging for a few minutes, get their gear and jump out the window into the lonely, cold, dark night. “What the hell was that? You ask. “ I don’t know but it kicked some rocking ass” you say to yourself wondering if what just happened was a beautiful dream where you’re in a small club, seeing a good band for the first time. You can almost smell the sweat when your dad comes running down the hall wondering what the clatter was. Just as he bursts in the door, you fake sleep with a knowing smile on your face. Real or not, you wish your alarm clock had that setting so you can wake up with a burst of energy and swang everyday.

*This review was written by someone who thinks he’s clever, someone with limited musical ability, therefore his opinion’s are not only dumb, but a total waste of time. I mean, come on, he can’t even keep in tune when singing “When a man loves a woman”. What a joke. Any thoughts on this band or their release please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks brad@fatrobotradio.com

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