Inspector Cluzo- Gasconcha Rocks- Music Review


The Inspector Cluzo
Gasconcha Rocks
Analog Recording

I didn’t know what I was going to make of this at first, I was convinced that this was a release from this little guy who sends me promo materials from Florida. It’s not that everything he sends is weird or bad, it just has a certain feel to it, and judging the contents by it’s packaging, I thought to myself “what the hell is this now?”. I’m glad that I didn’t let those preconcieved thoughts persist.

This is fun, 70’s type, Montrose fueled rockers.

First song would not be out of place on a Sammy Hagar release from the 1970’s. Like Nine on a Ten Scale or Rematch. Hell, some of the later songs I could hear fitting on Marching to Mars. Like a bit of fuzzed out Montrose.

It’s got that loose, rockin’ 70’s rock feel to it. Fun, slightly goofy, loose, and a bit off the rails.

For some reason I see this band as something out of the former Soviet block, from the mid 1990’s, and what they might sound like if english was their second language and they didn’t hear some of that AM rock radio from the 1970’s and 80’s until just a few weeks before in their town.

“Til Petrol do us part” has to be an English band, what with their use of the word Petrol. Makes sense. Lots of fun, really does remind me of hearing rock music on the radio when I was a kid. Before radio killed the magic by playing the same songs over and over. Back when I was a kid I was convinced there was no better sound. It was all there; new, different, the old classics and it hadn’t been driven into the ground. Now radio is just shit, all of it.

We could have put this album on (in cassette form) the stereo at a party on Roach Road or Def Leppard Hill and had a rocking time. I can almost smell the strip mine lakes, everclear and Jenny P’s heavy perfume and cigarette smoke.

“Lo Carmin de la Hesta” sounds out of place, like an Oingo Boingo track, but really it’s a transistion piece to a more funky, horn laced flavor the band hits on in the second half.

“Duck Guit Blues” has some nice bluesy horns.
“Move over Monsanto” is a nice stonesy blues number, laced with horns. Starting with “lo Carmin de la Hesta” you got some nice horns, some ass shakin rythym’s and some get down and get it attitude and flavor.

Songs seem to be about some heavy subjects. I’ll have to check out the lyrics and see. Wait here for a moment.

Maybe these guys are French. English not their first language.

Yeah, it looks like they are french and they are working on a new CD/DVD release for next year. Good on them.

*This review was written by Brad Bugos, host of SLTM (the Podcast). English is his first language, but barely. He doesn’t understand nuance, or subtlety, and he’s dumb. After reading this review go check out this band. Won’t take ya but a minute. Thanks and all that. Leave a comment below or email brad@fatrobotradio.com

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