Happy Diving – Big World – Music Review


Happy Diving
Big World
Father/Daughter Records

First song starts off like Neil Young and Crazy Horse. Distorted, beautiful cacophony . First song doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

Second song, same type of sonic disposition.

“Big World” is a heavier song, however the vocal style doesn’t change much. I don’t need different singers but it all sounds the same, and sometimes the vocals get a bit mushed in the mix.

“Sad Planet” a nice change of pace from distortion. Heavy rock to Weezerish pin drops.
As if Kevin Sheilds was fronting Weezer instead of MBV and the Weezer guys were fighting his natural tendencies toward depression and droning meta-cocky. Like the band was telling Ol’ Kev to “Lighten up a bit” .

Vocals are a lot like Kevin Sheilds. Don’t change much song to song, and that’s fine.

Beautifully produced. Distortion on most songs, with a sonic background, but crisp & clear production, not at all muddled.

Many listens later
I feel an appreciation for Hum from the band. Heavy, slowly building hard rock.

I have fallen off the stage a few times myself. Not drunk or rocking out, I had my eyes closed, singing, really getting deeply into it. Got too close to the edge, and down I went. This music reminds me of that.

Oh, they can get heavy, see “Big World” for a little thunder.

Do you like Sugar ( hell Yes I do)? You’ll like this. Bob Mould would be the perfect producer for one of their future albums, a perfect fit for his producing skills.

I know some bands with this type of heavy sound forget the beat. Pounding ahead while forgetting the swing. Fans of Dinosaur Jr. will enjoy hearing this band.

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