SLTM 2.0 Episode 5

“I guess this is still a thing?” – review from Torque Blade Specialist Magazine Okkultokrati – RASPBERRY DAWN- “Future War” – The static noise at about 1:40 scared me. Ok, so they tend to repeat a phrase over and over under a scuzz guitar but its never annoying to me. Like the Crampian style horror frights of “Hard to Please” . I like when a band will take a basic rock and roll feeling and skew it, flavor it and distorted to their will. Always interesting. I would love to see them open up for Rabbits (rabbitusmaximus.com) , I think that would be a great match for a good show. “Suspension” is a strange druggy trip with your “Cool” uncle to Yosemity where you drop acid, almost drown in a creek bed while your Aunt takes off her clothes and wanders around talking about God’s Eye. So that might be a different track, but it’s there or maybe all the inference and chemicals at work were warping my brain. Vomit Remnants – Hyper Groove Brutality – “Extinction of Worthless Humanity” – facebook.com/officialvomitremnants– uniqueleader.com- I like the vocal style in this song as well as the drum fills towards the end of the song. Not something you normally hear. I like the fact that this isn’t your straight ahead pummeling speed metal. There are unusual or unlikely elements throughout. I also enjoy the vocal interplay between the two vocalists. They compliment each other perfectly. Interesting when the cartoon oompah band comes in at the end of “Inflicted Artificial” while eight songs at about four and a half minutes each might be pushing it, it might seem the same because of the intensity if they went with my recommended six songs. Varaha – 3 Song EP – varaha.bandcamp.com –“Ghost” – there are three songs on this EP. One is an instrumental wedged in between songs. Atmospherically crossing Coldplay with death metal, neat trick. Building a house in post modern times can be tricky. There are all kinds of building codes , structure settlements , blue print certifications, it’s endless. Oh, it can be done but it is a lot of work. In the end you usually end up with something you like but will always feel that the effort was a lot more then the final outcome. Uniform Choice– SCREAMING FOR CHANGE – Reissue on Southern Lord Records- southernlord.com -(1980’s Hardcore release, originally released in 1986)- “Screaming for Change” – I’m...

SLTM (the Podcast) 2.0 Episode 4

here’s some more bullshit you never asked for, so enjoy or whatever. Music Reviews Madder Mortem – Red in Tooth and Claw- “Fallow Season” -years ago starburst thought that they would branch out into the chewing gum field. However, their entry was flavorful for a few seconds (30 if you were lucky) and it had the consistency of a wet sweetart. This is like that but in reverse. (Ed. Note- sorry about that folks, I’ll be taking over the rest of this review). What Chrissy Hynde might have sounded like fronting a new metal band. Martyrdod – List- Facebook.com/martyrdod – “LIST” – well this is exactly as you think it would be, thrash metal. Hundreds of miles an hour w/ growled high throaty vocals. There are some nice riff packages through out that you should keep an ear open to hear. I find the riffs way more interesting than just blazing through one song after another. The clip allows you to hear a sonic palavar between speed thrash and multi metal. It has such a good guitar solo, a cool way to direct all that speed metal rage. Its that guitar work on this album that keeps it from being a mundane exercise. “Halos of Fallen Angels” has the best guitar work ,maintains a brutal pace. Risk Relay– As We Descend- “Sea of Light” – “Lonely the Converted mind” is a decent instrumental flavored with some farfisa organ. I know this is going to come off as Old Manish of me, but whatever happened to the instrumental? Used to be nice to hear a band lay down something, a little different route to the same strip joint if you please,but today’s instrumental’s just bore me to death. This from “My weight disappearing” “ a drone needs a ghost of another kind”,is this a song about a nameless faceless acceptance of a middle class boring life or a song about bees? I do like the funky breakdown during “Healer Revealing”. All the songs have the same tempo,beat and feel to them. I realize that a band is a band, but I would like to see stretch a bit. White Willow– Future Hopes- FUTURE HOPES- I’m having a hard time getting a handle on this one. Steely Dan mixed with the Cars? With pleasing whispered female vocals. “A scarred view” is over 18 minutes. 18 plus really. How in the world do you have that much to say in one song?...

SLTM (the Podcast) 2.0 Episode 3

Music Reviews Wulkanaz– “Ribbon of Shadow” – PARALYS- Facebook.com/wulkanaz– I would listen to this again. There is a light almost hollow touch on the production. Listening to the first track, it makes me think I should just turn off the rest of the album because it won’t be more open or pure for me hearing a band’s first track. That would be wrong though, because this speed metal with drums going fast (“No I said faster”) is played perfectly by this band. The second song locks it in, some bands would have went thrash full on heavy, with riffs so muddled it was would be like oatmeal. That this has a nice light production really helps the songs breath and feel almost juanty and fun. No need to worry though. The rest of the album is in the same vein. At the Wayside– the Breakdown and the Fall- “How We Live” –facebook.com/atthewayside – sounds like one of those bands that would have been on the Victory Records label back in the 1990’s. If you didn’t listen to their releases they had either the hard brutal metal releases or the kind of flowing riff rock metal stuff. You could find good in both camps, but I tended to veer more to the brutal metal cause that’s my tastes. Lots of Joe Satriani like riffs. This is not something that I would listen to in my spare time. It’s a bit too poppy, polished metal for me, good harmony and backing vocals though. Has some of the break down, distorted vocal pieces with shouted chorus in the songs. Pretty standard operating procedure for this type of music. Metalcore? Possibly, if I knew exactly what that was. Lyrically I’m nowhere near this kind of mental torment. At my age it’s not “thinking about that night” anymore, it’s “I wonder what the hell is still wrong with me”. I can afford no luxury towards anyone not feeling something towards me. This is very well played, but it’s clean like a freshly minted gomer pyle commerative plate that has never seen a scrap of food. There are no rough edges. They remind me of Jimmy Eat World, but it’s just to damn pretty for me to care about. Heavy riffs with clean cut very same sounding bubblegum nonsense. Makes me wish I was younger and didn’t hate myself so much. No it doesn’t. Walk the Plank– Cemetery Vacation– “Dying on the Vine”- that song...

SLTM (the Podcast) 2.0 Episode Two

MUSIC REVIEWS Astridir Lifsins-facebook.com/arstidirlifsins- ALDAFOOR OK MUNKA DROTTINN- VAN RECORDS– black metal is the last theatrical bastion in music. There’s chanting, then some demonic growls. Guy talk sings in another language. (not english I mean). Which sounds so much better than if it was in English, gives it more weight and makes it more creepy when you are not sure what is being said. I do like the chorus of demented clanking monks who handle some of the vocals. Nice touch. Steelhook Protheses – CALM MORBIDITY- “”- Malignant Records – something is always buzzing. Maybe it’s the bees in my head and not the music. First two songs feature the sounds of a heavy industrial manufacturing plant. It’s running 24/7 in the barren country side. Way away from civilization. Third song? Wait here comes the plant manager over the PA. Do you remember that scene in Strange Brew where they feed the inmates tainted beer and they play hockey against each other? This song has that vibe, not only the music played but the expected violence during the game. Only difference is that the plant manager is trying to pass along the new rules of the game from management while everyone just beats the hell out of the other person. WOE – HOPE ATTRITION – vendettarecords.bigcartel.com – “no blood has honor” – I think what I like about WOE and always have, is the driving beat. The chuck wagon has broken loose from the train and it’s hurtling down the path toward a cliff. But, man is it rocking and swinging. Even the fourth song “Din of the mourning”has some swing in the drums. It starts out as standard thrash metal and then here comes the chuck wagon again, busting loose and heading for a clump of trees. Goddamn Cookie, when is he going to learn to tie down that wagon? The rest of the disc is standard thrash metal with the occassional above average guitar solos. The Black Scorpio Underground- Necrochasm- theblackscorpiounderground.bandcamp.com – Husk Records and Prison Tatt Records – “Hall of 1000 degredations” – I always have a hard time getting into this industrialized metallic aliens eating themselves aural kaliedoscope pattern riffage. It escapes me why I should tolerate a mind throddling repetitive beat down all in the name of repetitive regeneration. Is this what the future will sound like? When you leave the underground for the surface Metro 2033 style, you will get this constant hum...

SLTM (the Podcast) 2.0 Episode 1

It’s a new podcast, well not that new. We still play a little music, do comedy and report music news, so basically it’s the same show but compacted. We hope you like it, if not who cares? I mean really, who the fuck are we trying to impress this late in the game? This Will Destroy you– “Quiet” -Young Mountain (10th Anniversary Edition) –This Will Destroy You Tumblr – Hate to use the first track on an album, but its a really good one. Instrumental. Interesting, lonely, desperate on a cold night. The car has stopped, won’t turn over , man gets out of car starts walking looking for help. The car grows colder, inside is his lover dead, cold, alone and frozen. Man dies lost in the woods, he is never found. First two songs are good, kind of forelorn, so far this is a pretty good instrumental album, best one I’ve heard in a while. Maybe I like this better because it seems to have a through line. Whereas other instrumental albums tend to be wandering messy projects. Most instrumental albums I get bored with after a few tracks. Not this, and oh, it is hard to sustain Melancholy Nathaniel Shannon and the Vanishing Twin– Trespasses- Full Length Debut- Aqualamb– “lost hills” – starts off like a lost track from a forgotten Morphine album. What’s with the wiper blade scratching at the end of song #1? 15 songs might be pushing it for this release. Sounds like Tom Waits on a batch of acid. It could have been more distorted with a Seven or Resident Evil vibe. “Debutantes”, why are people perceptions of serial killers minds always a cacaphonious dark nightmare when some serial killers clearly prefer the singularity of the singer songwriter path? It all seems a little trite to me. The subject of this is gonna try to be god, but guess what? He’s killing again. Nice dance beat to “Objection Projection”. Five songs in and I feel like I’ve heard this prepacked idea of the lonely, tormented distorted loner. Ruin – Song #1 “Baby Doll” , Song #2 “you” – (1984’s HE HO and 1986’s FIAT LUX) reissues on SoutherLord Records – I wanted to play “Baby Doll” not only cause I like it but because the faux cry/screams made me laugh out loud. First song, first impression Fear meets SPBT. This has to be a reissue (it is), sounds like early 80’s So...

Summer Shenanigans Episode 5 – The final Episode

We here at SLTM (the Podcast) regret to inform you fans of Steve Jiff, the Jiffster, that his new Podcast, The Summer Shenanigans, has been canceled. We understand that you may be upset and confused by this decision but we assure you that we took everything into consideration before reaching our final decision. We hope the best for Steve Jiff, The Jiffster, in the future and congratulate him on six wonderful episodes. This is the last episode to air on our podcast channel, episode six will remain in the can for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your continued support of our family of podcasts. SLTM (the Podcast) will return in a few weeks with a new format and more exciting things than can be contained on one podcast. Enjoy. THE FINAL EPISODE OF THE SUMMER SHENANIGANS: Topic: Mentorized versions of Air Supply Songs Music: Invoking the Abstract Langfinger Summer Shenanigans Episode 5 [ 17:12 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Steve Jiff’s Summer Shenanigans Episode 4

Music: It’s Not Night, It’s Space Mirrors For the Psychic Warfare Topic: Breaking Music News Other Links: Shy,low know hope records Sleepy Limbs Summer Shenanigans Episode 4 [ 23:56 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry Episode 1

In this first episode of Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry, we both decided to defend an album in our collection. Barry took John Cougar Mellencamps UH HUH and I thought Cinderella’s NIGHT SONGS was worth the fight. We will post the post script later this week, we both listened to the others defense album and wrote a short piece about it. Listen, Learn, and find out why UH HUH deserves to be, at the very least, your fifth favorite album. Dig Deeper with Cousin Barry Episode 1 [ 33:04 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – The Art of Murder – Music Review

Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends – The Art of Murder – Music Review Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends The art of murder neutronfriends.bandcamp.com Mixing parts The Cramps, Elvis Costello & the Attractions with good old get down and rock Diamond Spirit Company (a local 80’s rock band that could really get it up on stage). Conan Neutron and the Secret Friends reminds me of the party at the cool girls house. Oh it’s going to get busted, but man are we going to have a good time until the cops show up. What you just read was my first impression of this release, and what I thought I would do is take a couple weeks in between listens and then see how I felt about this album then. So, here we go. Coming on like Queens of the Stone Age’s little brother with “Avid Fan”, cause even the break down sounds a little like the band has been hanging out in QOTSA’s neighborhood. Is the singer yelling “You woke me up” in this song? For some reason, possibly my advancing age, in the song “Eat the Rude” it sounds like he’s saying “I eat the Root” but like I said I chalk that up to the fact that my ears are probably clogged from listening to music with my earbuds jammed in my ears and my status as an old fucking idiot. “We don’t invent our natures” could be a lost track from a Sons of Freedom album. Either from GUMP or their S/T release. I like SOF, got into them in college, and while I’m not so sold on their TEX album, I do enjoy their first two. So something that calls to mind a band I liked in College many years ago, will always have a extra push up the likability ladder with me. There is no breathing room in these songs, every cranny is filled. Not sure I like the mix, everything is the same volume, vocals are hard to hear and muddied in the mix. I would like the vocals to be up a little bit, no they don’t have to dominate the sound, but I would like to be able to hear them better, then again what with my previously mentioned shitting ear holes, Conan Neutron could be standing next to me singing and I probably would still wonder what he was talking about. Dear lord in hell, I need to get my ears checked. ***Brad Bugos brad@fatrobotradio.com wrote this review. He found out recently that...

Summer Shenanigans Episode Three

Summer Shenanigans with Steve Jiff Episode 3 Music: Geryon Inanimate Existence Summer Shenanigans Episode 3 [ 15:17 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

Summer Shenanigans Episode 2

“Steve Jiff might be the most important figure in morning radio since the invention of the device. Funny, witty, and all together out there. he’s hilarious” – Akron Ohio Daily News (1997) Music On Summer Shenanigans Episode 2 Cough Wang Wen Summer Shenanigans Episode 2 [ 22:49 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

SLTM Mini Episode 272.1 with Steve Jiff

Brad is gone for the summer. So instead of letting some decent music and a crummy web site go to waste, Steve Jiff decided to take the controls for some mini episodes. These will be weekly or more often, depending on Jiff’s mood, and will last between twenty and twenty two minutes. It’s two songs, a bit and Jiff acting like a moron, kind of like his morning show in Racine, but in a smaller easier to digest morsel. ALL HAIL THE JIFFSTER! Music: Castle– Welcome to the graveyard– heavycastle.com Cobalt– Slow Forever – Facebook.com/COBALT SLTM (the Podcast) Mini Episode 272.1 [ 19:55 ] Play Now | Play in Popup |...

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